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Our Project

The site was created by tire sector enthusiasts to equip readers with the fitment data and details they need to choose their unique set of tires.

We're a data-driven online resource that is set to aid you while locating the suitable tire for your truck. We are promptly becoming a high-authority internet site.

Our details is the product of 50 years of experience in the tire sector integrated with the robust testing sources available online.

Our Mission

Is it time for a new collection of tires? Did your previous pick fail to measure up to your expectations? Are you searching for a tire that is longer-lasting, or performs greater in rainfall, on snow, or under other circumstances? Do you want a more economical choice?

We have curated a massive listing of reviews and honest examinations to allow you to choose better-fitting items for your demands.

We spend our days searching the net for info concerning tires, collecting information, as well as comparing them carefully so you don't need to. That's our aim as fellow vehicle enthusiasts.

Moreover, we do not sell anything, so you may trust us.

Why trust us

We are dedicated to providing excellent service. We have years of experience in the tire field and also like supporting users similar to you in making exceptional decisions.

Tires are one of the most vital and frequently disregarded purchases made by automobile proprietors. For practically every automobile driver, buying tires may be a minefield of turmoil as well as irritation. With so many unique dealers and also brands on the market, it's simple to see why.

It could take you a long time to study each version, which is why we have done it for you. The objective of our website is to make your choice less complicated by offering all the info you require in one location.

Our material is written in a straightforward as well as concise matter without using technical language, which might be tough to understand. We give you a summary of the tire as well as all essential information, including pros as well as cons, in a matter of seconds.

According to market records, more than just 60% of tire acquisitions are made online. Our internet site, which includes hundreds of products, is supported by comprehensive fitment data.

The one-of-a-kind Rating method enables vehicle drivers to search for tires based on efficiency as opposed to price.

Editorial Policy

Every page we publish on our site is based on a variety of requirements, an extensive study, and also other car owners' assessments.

Afterward, we integrate every one of these facts to give you a thorough analysis of what to prepare for.

We are not financed by any type of manufacturer. From our personnel, you may anticipate sincere and unbiased assessments.

In a nutshell, if a car part isn't up to snuff, we'll let you learn about it. All of our suggestions are unbiased and forever will certainly be.

The process of composing comprehensive assessments might be time-consuming. We start by learning about the product and various interviews.

We offer a thorough going-over for each post, make any kind of necessary adjustments, and after that submit them for publishing.

It's a tough job to review tires because we can't constantly put them to examination. As a consequence, we should surf the internet as well as collect info from manufacturers, online forums, and various other sources before integrating it into one easy-to-understand body of knowledge. We pick items that are preferred amongst car owners.

Our authors are all vehicle fanatics that drive a selection of cars. The people we have selected to help us are enthusiastic regarding writing and browsing the websites for information.

The Inspiration

Tires have been a part of our life for almost three generations. It all started with my grandpa, who ran a prosperous roadside body shop. He was crazy about the tire sector. It was not a surprise that it succeeded. The customers kept returning.

That being said, our project was influenced by my grandfather.

Our Team

Our "band" is made up of car aficionados that appreciate driving on the open highway.

Eric Lynch

For several years, I have worked as a professional at car dealerships selling tires.

Starting from 2008, I have been the ASE Master Professional. Nowadays, I'm mostly retired, although I join numerous undertakings now and then. To keep myself engaged with the recent industry changes, I naturally came to launch my project.

I was determined to offer a wide range of valuable tips!
I used to drive nearly 20 000 miles every year commuting to clients before coming to be an ex-salesman.

To be sincere, I have actually replaced many tires in these days.

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